Sony A Mount Lenses

Sony A Lens vs Sony E Lens
These are lenses that attach to Sony DSLRs. Lenses are broken down into different groups based on the needs.  Prime lenses offer a single focal length are are a great budget friendly option if you want to create a certain look to your footage with a typical wider aperture and better low-light performance. Zoom lenses give you a range of focal length that would allow you to "zoom in" or "zoom out" to your subject. A typical lens for filming hunts is an 18-135mm.

Focal Length Lens Type How To use
8mm - 24mm Ultra wide angle (fisheye) Wide Panoramas and artistic shots
24mm - 35mm Wide Angle Landscapes. Can be used to film the hunter/cameraman in tight spaces like a ground blind or tree stand setup.
35mm - 85mm Standard General Use
85mm - 135mm Short telephoto Your typical lens for hunting
135mm -300mm Medium telephoto Gives you more zoom capability but can not be used for up close fliming
300mm+ Super Telephoto The best option for hunting out west where you need the zoom capabilities

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