Canon VIXIA GX10 4K Outdoor Package

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Package Includes:
• Canon VIXIA GX10 Kit 
• Varizoom VZ-Stealth Zoom Controller
• 3 Hr Battery  
• Wall Charger
• 58mm UV Filter
• Rode VideoMic
• Campbell Cameras Fuzzy Windscreen
• Mini Advanced Shoe to Universal Shoe Adapter 
• Delkin Devices 128GB Select UHS-I SDXC Memory Card
• Lens Cleaning Pen

Canon makes the jump into 4K with its ever so popular G series camera. This camcorder packs several pro-style features into its compact form, including Dual-Pixel Autofocus (DPAF). The GX10's 1"  CMOS sensor and dual DIGIC DV 6 image processors will allow you to film right up to the sunset so you never miss your shot again. The 1" sensor will allow you to use your video camera to capture those cool shots of your subject in focus and your background blurry. Really allows you to control the "look" of your video. Slow and fast-motion recording up to 120 fps offers special looks into your shots. This little powerhouse is definitely putting 4K power into the hands of consumers. 

Why film in 4K?
• 4 Times the color clarity and detail
• In post you can zoom up to 200% and maintain HD quality
• You can shoot your video wide and then reframe it in post
• The "warp stabilizer" in post has 4x the amount of information to work with, resulting in less shaky footage.

For long hunts, you can through in the included SD card and the extended battery and be able to film it all. 

High-resolution UHD 4K imaging extends throughout the entire range of the GX10's integrated 15x zoom, enabling you to get both the close-up and wide shots you need. Dual-Pixel CMOS AF technology uses phase-difference AF to offer millions of focus detection points, resulting in faster, more natural-looking, and more accurate autofocusing—a boon to individual operators. Use the touchscreen and the Face Detection AF function for even more focus control, allowing you to touch the animal on the screen and it will keep it in focus as it moves across the frame. 

With hunter's in mind, this package offers the ability to extend your onboard audio with the addition of a shotgun mic. Throw on your headphones and you might even hear the gobbler coming before you see him.

When you are back at camp, hook up your GX10 with the included HDMI camera and show off your hunt in all its 4K glory.

1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS Image Sensor
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder features a Canon 1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS image sensor capable of 4K UHD video capture at 60p and slow motion recording up to 120fps in Full HD, making the VIXIA GX10 camcorder a strong contender for professional productions, creative fields and more.

High Sensitivity / Low Noise
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder's 1.0-inch sensor allows for larger photosites compared to smaller-sized sensors, resulting in improved images with less noise in low-light situations. The larger sensor also exhibits a shallower depth of field at large apertures, providing greater depth of field control and creative options. The camcorder's new DIGIC DV 6 imaging engine further enhances the high sensitivity and low noise performance of the camcorder.

Wide DR Gamma (800%) Support
For natural and realistic-looking image capture that faithfully represents the scene at hand, Wide DR Gamma achieves a wide dynamic range of 800% to produce almost seamless tone gradations, resulting in smooth detail, accurate color and virtually no blown-out highlights.

15x Optical 4K UHD Zoom Lens with 5-Axis Optical Image Stabilization
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder incorporates a Canon 4K video lens that leverages proprietary Canon optical technologies derived from years of experience in developing Cinema, Broadcast and EF series lenses.

Inspired by the same high level of optical precision used in Canon broadcast and photographic lenses, the VIXIA GX10 camcorder incorporates a Genuine Canon 15x optical zoom lens that maintains 4K UHD quality throughout the entire zoom range, and offers a focal length range of 25.5 to 382.5mm (35mm film equivalent). Users can get up to 30x Advanced Zoom when shooting in Full HD, which utilizes the VIXIA GX10 camcorder's full 4K UHD sensor to extend the zoom range while maintaining image quality.

5-Axis Optical Image Stabilization
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder also incorporates a 5-axis Optical Image Stabilization (IS) system.

The camcorder features three modes of image stabilization: Standard, Dynamic and Powered. In Standard IS mode, the stabilizing angle is made constant independent of the zoom magnification. Dynamic IS mode extends the stabilizing range at the wide end of the focal length, allowing for image stabilization when shooting while walking. Powered IS mode helps facilitate stabilization in the low frequency range at the tele end, and should be used exclusively for fixed-point shooting which does not involve panning.

9-blade Iris
For enhanced versatility and durability, the lens features a 9-blade iris, producing artistic and beautiful out-of-focus areas or "bokeh." The 9 blades allow for attractive circular blurring in out-of-focus regions, while the use of an odd number of blades helps reduce flaring of specular highlights.

ND Filter
A compact and independent internal 3-density ND filter, using a turret (circular) mechanism, allows the user to select from three densities (ND 1/4, ND 1/16 and ND 1/64) or turn the feature off if needed. Density can be adjusted using the dedicated external buttons.

Optional Wide and Tele Accessories
The optional Wide Attachment WA-U58 and the Tele Converter TL-U58 accessories expand the creative capabilities of the VIXIA GX10 camcorder.

The Wide Attachment WA-U58 offers a 0.8x wider angle of view that enables users to capture more of a scene, especially when indoors or in tight spaces, to lend better perspective to your video narrative. The Tele Converter TL-U58 provides extended 1.5x longer telephoto range for the VIXIA GX10 camcorder's fixed lens, allowing distant subjects to be captured with brilliant clarity.

Dual DIGIC DV 6 Image Processors
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder incorporates Canon's dual DIGIC DV 6 Image Processors, which are integral in providing high image quality, advanced performance and convenient operability. This advanced core technology component provides the image-processing power and speed that enables features such as 4K UHD video acquisition, image stabilization, slow and fast motion recording and precise Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder features Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Canon's exclusively developed high-speed, high-precision autofocus technology. Dual Pixel CMOS AF assists not only with standard shooting, but also with 4K UHD 60p, Full HD 120p and other high-frame rate applications that require crisp frame-by-frame accuracy.

Each pixel in the camcorder's CMOS sensor is configured with two photodiodes. Two independent image signals can then be detected at each photosite. By implementing phase-difference AF, smooth focusing is accomplished with much higher speed and accuracy than was possible with previous technologies.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Touch Focus
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder's 3.5-inch touch panel LCD enables smooth, intuitive operation of Dual Pixel CMOS AF. Accurate AF technology can be employed when shooting a scene by tapping a finger on the desired area of the scene you want the lens to focus on. Dual Pixel CMOS AF offers continuous AF within a horizontal and vertical range of the screen of approximately 80%. It also provides highly accurate Face Detection AF, which assists during single-operator shooting. Users can also use the touch panel to move the autofocus target manually.

Face Detection AF
The Face Detection AF feature has two modes – Face Priority AF and Face Only AF – that offer users precise flexibility in how they choose their autofocus for a subject or scene.

Dual Pixel Focus Guide
Utilizing information from Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Dual Pixel Focus Guide helps achieve precise focus by displaying focus assist information on the screen. It employs a truly innovative user interface that enables the user to see if they are focused in front of or behind the subject through visual observation, and allows quick and accurate manual focus to be achieved. This helps simplify the focusing process when shooting in 4K UHD, which requires strict focus accuracy.

4K UHD and Full HD Recording to Dual SD Card Slots
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder offers 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) and Full HD (1920 x 1080) recording in MP4 format at up to 60p. The compact size of the MP4 codec allows the VIXIA GX10 to capture images directly to low-cost SD cards. Support for 4K UHD at 60p allows the VIXIA GX10 to be used in a wide variety of shooting situations.

Dual SD Card Slots
• Simultaneous or relay recording in MP4 format to the VIXIA GX10 camcorder's dual SD card slots is possible.
• Simultaneous recording allows you to record on both SD cards at the same time, so that you can use one as a backup.
• Relay recording allows uninterrupted recording from one card to the other when the first memory card becomes full.

Slow and Fast Motion Recording up to 120fps
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder supports slow and fast motion recording, and can record in a different frame rate from playback for slow and fast motion effects. Slow motion recording of up to 120 fps (x0.2) in Full HD is supported, helping to create an emotionally moving and exciting style of video.

3.5-inch Touch Panel LCD and 0.24-inch Electronic Viewfinder
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder features a 3.5-inch Touch Panel LCD and a newly designed 0.24-inch Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). The Touch Panel LCD and EVF both display approximately 1.56 million dots and provide visual recognition of desired features along with a full array of menu options for controlling camcorder settings. The Touch Panel LCD works with Canon's exclusive AF technologies for easy monitoring and one-finger tap-focusing during shooting and the EVF offers 60° of tilt for more comfortable operation in a variety of positions.

Intuitive Menu Design
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder features an intuitive menu design for fast and accurate access to desired features. Interactive direct touching and moving from one page to another are also possible by swiping the menu screen.

Assignable Buttons
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder features 5 assignable buttons, in addition to touch-assignable buttons on the upper part of the LCD panel. Users can set them to the features they need.

HDMI 2.0 Terminal with 4K UHD 60p Output Support
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder features an HDMI 2.0 terminal that supports 4K UHD 60p output. The HDMI 2.0 terminal allows the camcorder to be connected to a standard external SSD/HDD recorder, enabling conversion to ProRes and DNx formats for efficient editing and storage.

Compact and Lightweight Design
The VIXIA GX10 packs all of the ergonomic comfort and capabilities required for a valuable, handheld camcorder into a compact and lightweight body. This makes it useful for a wide variety of applications from professional productions to personal projects.

Network Connections for FTP Transfer and Browser Remote (Wi-Fi® Connectivity)
The VIXIA GX10 camcorder offers wireless connectivity to enable recorded files to be shared and transmitted back to the station or home base via FTP for editing or live streaming.

The camcorder can also be accessed remotely from a normal web browser running on a laptop or a compatible smart device to control functions such as record start/stop, AF/MF switching, focus/zoom settings and white balance mode***. Background transfer of MP4 format video files via FTP links is also possible, enabling the latest recordings to be distributed quickly over the Internet.

*** Compatible with iOS® versions 9/10, Android™ smartphone and tablet versions 4.4/5.0/5.1/6.0.

• Canon VIXIA GX10 Kit 
• Varizoom VZ-Stealth Zoom Controller
• 3 Hr Battery  
• Wall Charger
• 58mm UV Filter
• Rode VideoMic
• Campbell Cameras Fuzzy Windscreen
• Mini Advanced Shoe to Universal Shoe Adapter 
• Delkin Devices 128GB Select UHS-I SDXC Memory Card
• Lens Cleaning Pen


Sensor 1-Chip 1" CMOS Sensor
Sensor Resolution 13.4 MP
Effective Pixels 8.29 MP (Video)
Focal Length 8.3 to 124.5mm
35mm Equivalent Focal Length 25.5 - 382.5
Maximum Aperture f/2.8
Minimum Focusing Distance 23.6"
Fixed Focus No
Zoom Optical 15x in 4K
Filter Size 58mm`
Built-in ND Filters Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64
Broadcast System Compatibility NTSC
Recording Time SD/SDHC/SDXC 8 GB
3840 x 2160 5 minutes at 150 Mbps
1920 x 1080 25 minutes at 35 Mbps
1920 x 1080 55 minutes at 17 Mbps
1280 x 720 120 minutes at 8 Mbps
1280 x 720 245 minutes at 4 Mbps
3840 x 2160 10 minutes at 150 Mbps
1920 x 1920 55 minutes at 35 Mbps
1920 x 1080 120 minutes at 17 Mbps
1280 x 720 255 minutes at 8 Mbps
1280 x 720 515 minutes at 4 Mbps
3480 x 2160 25 minutes at 150 Mbps
1920 x 1080 115 minutes at 35 Mbps
1920 x 1080 245 minutes at 17 Mbps
1280 x 720 520 minutes at 8 Mbps
1280 x 720 1045 minutes at 4 Mbps
3480 x 2160 55 minutes at 150 Mbps
1920 x 1080 240 minutes at 35 Mbps
1920 x 1080 495 minutes at 17 Mbps
1280 x 720 1055 minutes at 8 Mbps
1280 x 720 2115 minutes at 4 Mbps
3480 x 2160 110 minutes at 150 Mbps
1920 x 1080 485 minutes at 35 Mbps
1920 x 1080 995 minutes at 17 Mbps
1280 x 720 2120 minutes at 8 Mbps
1280 x 720 4245 minutes at 4 Mbps
Video Format

3840 x 2160p at 24/30/60 fps (MP4 via MPEG-4)
1920 x 1080p at 24/30/60 fps (MP4 via MPEG-4)
1280 x 720p at 30/60 fps (MP4 via MPEG-4)

Aspect Ratio 16:9
Slow Motion Mode 120 FPS Recorded at 1920 x 1080p`
Channels 2.0 - Channel Stereo
Audio Format AAC-LC
Display Type LCD
Touchscreen Yes
Screen Size 3.5"
Screen Resolution 1,560,000 Dots
Rotation Turning Angle: 60º
Screen Size .24"
EVF Resolution 1,560,000 Dots
Exposure Control
Shutter Speed 1/2 - 1/20000 Second (Video)
Exposure Metering Modes: Auto, Low Light, Manual, Program
Shooting Modes A (Aperture Priority)
Low Light
M (Manual)
Smart Shutter
Remote Control Port LANC
Image Stabilization Optical & Digital
LUX 1.7 (Program Mode)
.1 (Low Light Mode)
White Balance Modes 3000K
Preset Manual
Creative Effects Yes
Built-in Mic Yes
Built-in Speaker


Built-in Light/Flash No
Wi-Fi Yes
Accessory Shoe (1) Cold
Input/Output Connectors
Inputs (1) USB Mini-B
Outputs (1) Mini-HDMI (Type C) 2.0
(1) 1/8" (3.5 mm) Stereo Mini Jack
(1) USB Mini-B 
Microphone Input Yes
Headphone Jack Yes
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.9 x 3.8 x 10.5"
Weight 2.94 lbs

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