Bower 72mm Filter 3 Pack

by Bower

The 72mm Digital Filter Kit. Includes 3 filters. UV, ND4, PL. Also includes a Cap, Cap keeper and a storage pouch.

UV Filter:
Protect your lens from dust, moisture, accidental damage, and scratches. UV Filters also remove much of the blue tint normally associated with atmospheric haze.

Polarizer Filter:
Eliminate unwanted glares from the sun reflecting off of the water, snow, glass, etc. Also, used to enable colors to become more saturated.

Neutral Density Filter:
ND Filters help balance brightness. Perfect for filming on bright, sunny days. They also are used to capture the blur" of the rippling water of a waterfall or the swirling effect of city traffic.


• UV Filter
• ND4 Filter
• PL Filter
• Cap
• Cap Keeper
• Storage Pouch


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