Canon BP-727 Battery

by Canon

Compatible Cameras
• Canon VIXIA HFR300, HFR30, HFR32
• Canon VIXIA HFR400, HFR40, HFR42
• Canon VIXIA HFR500, HFR50, HFR52
• Canon VIXIA HFR600, HFR60, HFR62
• Canon VIXIA HFR700, HFR70, HFR72
• Canon VIXIA HFR800, HFR80, HFR82

The Canon BP-727 High Capacity Intelligent Battery Pack is a lithium-ion battery. The battery is designed to resist the effects of "memory effect" so the battery continues to last just as long between charges as it did when it was new.

The Intelligent Battery Pack communicates remaining running time and sends data back to the XF-series Professional Camcorders, so the user is well-informed at all times.

• (1) Canon BP-727 Battery


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